Data Collectors

Our data collectors are designed to easily collect scanned data and eliminate user errors:  all of our systems include the following features:

  • Barcode recognition - The user does not need to be in the part number text box when they scan a part number.  Our program will automatically recognize that the user scanned the part number and fill in the part number text box.  The program will recognize all configured fields including Control Number, Part Number, serial Number, and Quantity.  Other scanned fields can be easily added to the interface.
  • Duplicate Scan Detector - Our programs check to see if a duplicate field had been scanned accidentally.  If it detects a scan that has already been scaned it will sound an error beep indicating an invalid scan.
  • Scanning Retention - Our programs can be configured to check to ensure that no duplicate serial numbers are scanned for 90 days (even longer with a wireless connection).  This ensures the proper serial numbers are being scanned and an old label isn't accidently scanned.
  • Flexible Output - Our programs can be configured to save scanned data to a remote database, a local database, an Excel CSV file, or just about any other required file format.
  • Compatibility - Our programs are compatible with all major brands of handhelds including: Motorola, Symbol, Intermec, PSC, HHP, Honeywell, Psion, Unitech, Metrologic, Casio, Datalogic and just about any other handheld running the .NET platform.
  • Mobile Printing - Our programs have options for mobile printing to all the popular mobile printer manufacturers including: Zebra, O'Neil, Cognitive, Intermec, Monarch, Epson, sato, and many more.